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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

East Coast Saunas Reveals Truth About Infrared Saunas

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More recent sauna technology called the carbon based infrared sauna is getting noticed in the mainstream market for its benefits over more traditional saunas. A company called East Coast Saunas educates the general public about infrared saunas, and the difference between carbon based and ceramic saunas. What once was mainly Finnish and Oriental tradition has now become popular around the world. Some only venture into a sauna while on vacation, but many consumers are now buying their own saunas so they can enjoy the benefits any time they want in their homes.
What many consumers don't know is there's a vast difference among saunas, even between carbon based and ceramic infrared saunas. East Coast Saunas reveals the "Truth about Infrared Saunas" at its Web site called: TheTruthAboutSaunas.com. The Web site offers insight into how
infrared saunas work and why they are superior to traditional saunas. Brown's other Web site, EastCoastSaunas.com specializes in several types of private home saunas that use the carbon based infrared technology.
East Coast Saunas' CEO, Edwin Brown, discusses the length of time a person is able to stay in an infrared sauna as compared with traditional saunas.
"With all infrared saunas, the temperature is much lower but the infrared heat safely penetrates the body much deeper, up to 1 3/4 inches versus the 1/8-inch penetration by the traditional sauna. Doctors typically recommend that a person remain in a traditional sauna no more than 20 minutes due to the extremely high temperatures, which can put a strain on the heart," states Brown.
With carbon based and ceramic saunas, Brown's Web site illustrates differences in the way the saunas are heated. Ceramic saunas use ceramic rods that produce infrared heat through small glass tubes, but the tubes can become extremely hot in some spots while not as hot in others. With carbon based saunas, the heat is dispersed more evenly.
Infrared saunas are growing in popularity as many doctors around the world recognize the health benefits they provide.
"After many years in family practice, I have encountered many patients with severe arthritis, cardiovascular problems, and chronic fatigue syndrome. With West Coast Saunas' infrared therapy, many of my patients have benefited dramatically," states Dr. David Grahm of San Diego, California.
Saunas help the body to release dangerous toxins through sweating. Toxins such as mercury, lead, car emissions, tobacco, mold, etc. can build up quickly. Frequent release of these toxins from the body prevents them from building up in the body and causing possible disease and premature aging.
Other health benefits often enjoyed by sauna users include lower blood pressure, pain relief, increased energy, weight loss, soothing relaxation, stress reduction and overall good health. Infrared saunas are able to burn 600 or more calories in 30 minutes.
Brown also warns about buying low-quality saunas. He says, "A seal to look for when buying a home sauna is the ETL seal of approval. This stands for Electrical Testing Laboratories. The seal ensures that the sauna is 100 percent electrically sound, and a product must undergo much scrutiny to attain the seal."

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